Welcome Back

Thanks, Internet, for your support, which as usual came in an avalanche that wouldn’t dampen my socks.  I guess that’s God’s way of saying not only do I not get readers, I can’t even enjoy a nice snow day out of my whole ordeal.  In the past several months, I broke everything off in the U.S., packed up and moved to New Zealand. I had hoped it would be this wonderful, unspoiled Middle Earth where the weather was always nice and the people wouldn’t try to lynch you for saying such radical things as science is real. While parts of that turned out to be true enough (and I at least found myself with a full-time job for the first time since I lived in Korea), I also found myself in Auckland, which is the municipal equivalent of getting your head stuck between the balusters of the stairs, a concrete hell of traffic congestion that I doubt Tolkien had in mind when he envisioned Middle Earth. And if the city wasn’t a disappointing enough place to find myself, the sole antidepressant that doesn’t cause an avalanche of side-effects isn’t available here. So I’m trying to adjust to the standard drugs, which will make you feel good enough at the mere cost of not being able to sleep at night or stay awake during the day, gaining obscene amounts of weight and still starving all the time, having dysentery and constipation re-enact Street Fighter II in your gut, and have all sexual functions melt down like Chernobyl.  What could be greater?


So at the nadir of my existential quandry, after swearing off writing altogether so long as everyone on earth refuses to read my work, I get pinged by WordPress: “Thank you for auto-renewing!” …fuck. Figures that the universe would know my one weakness; my projection of sentience onto inanimate abstractions.  So I guess if I’m paying for it, I can at least use this blog to chronicle the games I’ve played.  I don’t really feel like crafting the full-length articles I did before, but I’ll at least draw something up every time I finish something new. And fortunately I don’t have much of a backlog, having recently finished a few 100+ hour games.



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